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LOTO-eng designs and produces several models of Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC), one effiecient Spark Eroder machine, one Spectrometer dedicated to ruby fluorescence measurement and all the related instruments and accessories. Thanks to a skilled staff of experts, we have the knowledge, the commitment and the resources to understand your requirements and provide appropriate solutions.


Diamond Anvil Cells are among the most powerful tools employ ed in High-Pressure research. They allow to attain static pressuresup to several hundreds of kilobar by compression of small volume samples

The two diamonds faces must be parallel. The alignment is considered perfect when the fringe width is greater than the anvil at diameter and no fringe is visible

A metal gasket between the two diamonds is to provide an indenting shape to prepare it for the drilling hole, the chamber for mrdium to get, under force on diamonds, an hydrostatic pressure

The measure of thikness of indenting is a way to control the free room space able to sizing the sample and ruby sphere. The gasket thikness can depend from kind of material, material and force on diamonds

Drilling a tiny hole through the indented gasket is the main task asked to the drilling machine. Careful and precision to realize the hole in the center of gasket of right dimater for your needs.

The role of conning media is to transmit pressure to the sample. Weak solids and liquids are typically used. "Gasses" such as Ne, Ar, or N2 are a highly desirable conning media.

The pressurizing mechanism is simply to put a force on the top of diamonds by the cell’s components. The pressurizing mechanism can be by screws or remotely by a membrane control.

Resistance heating is accomplished by heating and is controlled by a power supply. The designs heat the entire body of the DAC and other designs ow current through the gasket material

Ruby uorescence is used for pressure measurement. Measuring the position of the uorescence lines of Ruby, the positions of which are known as a function of pressure.

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EAraldite Epoxy Adhesive 2014-2 operating temperature 120°C The Araldite 50ml epoxy adhesive is a 2-component, thixotropic, structural grey paste available in gel form. It offers excellent environmental and chemical resistance. It is ideal for applications that require higher than normal temperatures in aggressive environmental conditions. This innovative material is designed to bond a wide variety […]

Diamonds bonding fit tool

Used primarily to glue the anvil diamond on the seat. The diamond mounting template is used to block diamonds to tungsten carbide, boron nitride and other diamond seats with epoxy glue or ceramic. We offer a spring loaded threaded stainless steel tool. The universal design to work both with diamonds to allow table and with conical […]

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The HT DAC cell in vacuum room at Elettra x-press beam line. The system include an “High Temperature DAC cell” insert in a Vacuum vessel. The pressure is driven by a membrane controlled remotely.The high-performance heating method use two resistive heaters controlled by a power supply. A band-heater is mounted around the DAC body and […]